Jarrad Bolton

Name and Nickname: Jarrad "bolts" bolton
Whats your real job: Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic
Favorite Workout: long rides
Biggest waste of your time: having to fly to work
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why: bora bora, because it's just a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing place with places to stay out at sea
Favorite Celebrity: Guy Crawford
Something people don't know about you: I used to do tent pegging on horses
Any quirky or superstitious things you do prior to a race: wear my left sock higher then my right
Which is your favourite 4 legged creature and why: Jimmy!!! Jimmy says yesss!!! (for those that don't know Jimmy, he's a dog)
Who or What in triathlon inspire you: I would say the triathlon community, everyone always encourages us to push harder. Also the belief that if you push yourself harder you'll achieve higher
Favorite song: Katy Perry. . Such a motivational song
Goal In triathlon: to top the podium
What does a perfect day look like to you: waking up to waves crashing on the beach, heading out for a surf.. followed by coffee
What’s your guilty pleasure: Banana, peanut butter and honey wraps or peanut butter and jam wraps. Oh and lollies
Anything else you'd like to add: