Jeff Mutchie

Name and Nickname: Jeff Mutchie I don't have a nickname. The guys I work with tease me about an article that was written that had the headline Mutchie Maddness.
Whats your real job: Fire Captain (Nampa Fire Department) Boise, ID, USA
Favorite Workout:
Biggest waste of your time: I enjoy every minute!
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why:
Favorite Celebrity:
Something people don't know about you: There is a reason people don't know it about me! My wife says I have a love affair with compression socks.
Any quirky or superstitious things you do prior to a race: I always park in the same spot while swimming. It doesn't matter if it is at Lake Lowell, Quin's pond or the rec center. I wear the same socks and use the same water bottles.
Which is your favourite 4 legged creature and why:
Who or What in triathlon inspire you:
Favorite song:
Goal In triathlon: Improvement! I am so new to the sport I have so much to learn. I have a goals of making it to the 70.3 Championship as well as the Ironman Championship. I think it is important to enjoy the journey of triathalon no matter where it takes you.
What does a perfect day look like to you:
What’s your guilty pleasure: I like coffee! Well then there is dark chocolate and I guess the occasional ice cream.
Anything else you'd like to add:

Jeff M