Justin Martin

Name and Nickname: Justin Martin - J / Jussy
Whats your real job: Senior Contracts Advisor in Oil and Gas ( currently in Saudi Arabia)
Favorite Workout: Cycling when the view is nice
Biggest waste of your time: Work it gets in the way of training and enjoying life!
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why: Living in the Middle East, I am travelling everywhere at the moment I can and want too – France is my favourite!
Favorite Celebrity: Chris McCormack
Something people don't know about you: Spent time as a child in the Middle East
Any quirky or superstitious things you do prior to a race: Haircut 2 days before a race and wax legs
Which is your favourite 4 legged creature and why: Cats, because they do whatever they want when the want
Who or What in triathlon inspire you: Sucky I know, but my beautiful Coach Kate and her crazy partner in crime Captain Awesome. You both never cease to amaze me with your dedication to the sport and your athletes.
Favorite song: Epicon Globus – Orchard of Mines
Goal In triathlon: To one day get to Kona.
What does a perfect day look like to you: Blue Skies, light wind, green country side, bike and no work!!!
What’s your guilty pleasure: Chocolate, I can only stop at the end of the block or packet.
Anything else you'd like to add: My favourite quote – Because you said I can’t I will!!!!!