Kate Sommerville

Name and Nickname: Kate - Techno – seem to be first with all the gadgets and technology (it’s an engineer thing). I still get garmin stress though!
Whats your real job: Mining Engineer
Favorite Workout: MAF test. Kidding. I hate MAF test. I like that final brick before a race when I’m feeling superhuman about to take on the world.
Biggest waste of your time: Cleaning the house - I outsourced that years ago.
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why: Spain for the alps and the Camino trail
Favorite Celebrity: Todd Sampson (gruen): CEO, adventurer, creative and communicator. Says it how he sees it on his T-Shirts.
Something people don't know about you: I won KEP 100km Ultra in 2010. It’s proof that an ordinary runner can train well, know the course, be organised, pace well, not put pressure on oneself and pull off the most perfect day of racing.
Any quirky or superstitious things you do prior to a race: Write my vision for my keys races in poetry.
Which is your favourite 4 legged creature and why: Dogs. One day Jazz, an escape dog, came on our long run out bush. He did the lot, had no idea when it would end and had a blast. We fed him water from our hands. Owners were not happy when they met us at the end. Dog was filthy, sat in a puddle to cool off but had a contented glow. Jazz and I have a lot in common.
Who or What in triathlon inspire you: Sister Madonna Budda, the Iron Nun. I want to be still going when I’m her age. I am inspired by people who set goals then achieve them. I love the carnival atmosphere of triathlons, saying hello to the other racers. I like competing and spectating. I am a YouTube ironman triathlon addict.
Favorite song: Pink – todays the day.
Goal In triathlon: Ultraman
What does a perfect day look like to you: Watching the sunrise whilst exercising; excellent coffee with hubby or friends; smashing through the 'to-do' list at work, and running or riding home past all the traffic that I’m not stuck in. Dinner with hubby with veges from our garden and a nice glass of vino. Hugs and laughter
What’s your guilty pleasure: Post-race it’s always hot chips and cold champagne.
Anything else you'd like to add: I wrote my previous profile a year ago and I’m stoked that I’ve achieved going on a GKE Camp; a bike leg PB, and achieved a goal of ironman. I love being coached. I don’t have to work it all out. I know if I do each day then on the day it will all come together. Thanks GKE!