Meegan Clay

Name and Nickname: Meeghan (no real nick name other than Megs)
Whats your real job: Pharmacist – yes I really do supply drugs for a living
Favorite Workout: GKE intervals ... love coming out to play in Perth
Biggest waste of your time: Cleaning
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why: Anywhere there is a Triathlon – love going to new places and racing. Always looking for new ideas. looking at Taiwan next year and Chattanooga.
Favorite Celebrity: Stephen Fry.
Something people don't know about you: I can clap one handed.
Any quirky or superstitious things you do prior to a race: used to have a superstition not to pump my tires up on race day (always the day before) but that has gone out the window now.
Which is your favourite 4 legged creature and why: I am a dog person. I love doing agility training and competitions with my big Labrador Monty. He isn’t any good but we have fun.
Who or What in triathlon inspire you: My most inspirational athlete is Alex House – he has had to give up the sports now but he started with our club at 70 and won his age group in his first and only attempt at Busselton at the age of 72. It took him 7 hours and 28 minutes but he did it.
Favorite song: varies. I get a different song in my head every race, often really strange ones. Currently singing Wake me up by Avicii when I am out running.
Goal In triathlon: This years goal of getting to the world 70.3 champs I have achieved . Next year the goal is to make World 70.3 again. My ultimate goal would be to make Kona but I am 2 hours too slow or 20 years too young, so I am settling for racing the 70.3 worlds instead.
What does a perfect day look like to you: Busselton 70.3 2016 – flat water, cool temps and no wind. Any day there is no wind and no rain is a good day.
What’s your guilty pleasure: Icecream – I can’t have it in the house or I eat the lot.
Anything else you'd like to add: We are all a little crazy – some of us just know what kinda crazy we are. I’m the kind who likes to dance down a finishing Shute and is willing to train for months to do it.