We have a great team supporting us and our athletes.
Please contact them should you need any of their services!
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SwimSmooth has been great to us as athletes and as coaches. Following the philosophies of SwimSmooth, you will become the best swimmer you can be. GK Endurance, Coaching Triathletes to meet their goals. Churchill Cycles, the best service and people going. The only place we take our bikes in Perth! We are very lucky to have the support of Ruth Chang at RC Physio. Ruth keeps us and the athletes we coach healthy! With a CV longer than I am tall, you can rest easy knowing you are in great hands! Thanks Super Ruth!!
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She’s a humble, gifted photographer who shoots anything from weddings to action shots. She’ll make you feel at ease and capture moments that even make gremlins look like Cinderella!!  A beetroot sports drink that Kate and I enjoy and still get the performance benefits of Nitrate!!! The prefect Combo!!
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